1- The Stop Work Statute

Stopping work on a project can be dangerous. For one thing, it gives the other party to the contract a terrific defense to any claim that you may make. Any time work is stopped by one party, there will be the contention that it is unjustified, and therefore is a material breach of the contract that entitles the other side to suspend its own performance, demand your performance, or declare the contract breached and immediately sue for damages.

However, for private contract work, the Legislature has crafted a right that allows the contractor to stop work under certain circumstances. The right to stop work is actually a lot of work in and of itself, and it involves a fairly precise series of steps that need to be completed in the proper sequence or you may inadvertently find yourself in a breach situation, the very situation that you wanted to avoid by taking the proper steps to stop work.

The next series of blogs will tell you how the statute works and what you need to do to make it work for you.

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