2- How It Works

If you have not been paid within 35 days after submitting your progress payment, and if there are no disputes with the Owner that would allow the progress payment to be withheld, the statute allows you to inform the Owner that if you are not paid within 10 days, you will stop work. After you have given 10 days written notice to the Owner, and all lenders and subs, you also need to post a further notice in a conspicuous place on the construction site 5 days ahead of the time that you will be stopping work.

In order to avail yourself of the stop work provision in the Code, there cannot be any dispute that the payment is due and owing. Typically the Owner will have some reason for not paying you, but assuming it is simply a cash flow issue that the Owner has and not a problem with your work, this stop work remedy is available. Plainly this factual prerequisite is going to be difficult to satisfy in most circumstances.

If you properly send the notice, and then properly post the notice on site, and if there is no dispute that you are owed the funds, you can stop work after the 10-day period. If you exercise this right, and do it properly, you have no liability for delays that the stop work may have caused. There is also a right to an expedited court hearing to determine whether you should be paid.

If the Owner pays you, or the situation is otherwise resolved, you need to provide notice that you will be returning to work. This notice is provided to the Owner, lender, and subs; all the folks that you informed in the first place that you would be stopping work on the project. The notice of your return to work and the cancellation or resolution of the dispute must be posted in a conspicuous place on the project.

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