Desktop General Counsel

487449 - cover MG corrected 12-05-31 cropped front copyDesktop General Counsel is an inexpensive legal reference written for contractors that explains the basics of construction law, the legal terms and concepts, and how they apply to you, the contractor. Some of what is included is fairly basic; other things, not so much. Like anything else, we sometimes take the fundamentals for granted. The book covers the basics and the more esoteric; what you know and what you need to know.

It is divided into five major sections: licensing because that is a critical prerequisite; contracts because understanding contracts, and what they are, is essential if that is how you are going to make your living; public works contracting, a special kind of contracting to be sure; private works contracting, which is the most common form of the business; and litigation because, as they say, s*** happens. It also covers the basics of insurance and employment law, and what to do when OSHA shows up.

These major headings are broken into discrete topics that explain the various aspects related to the section. Scattered throughout the sections are NOTES that offer suggestions and warnings based on real situations that can and do occur; your basic head’s up. If you have an understanding of how the law works and how the courts have applied the rules, and what the rules are in the first place, you are better able to anticipate legal pitfalls and either avoid them or mitigate the problems when they become unavoidable.

The postings in this blog also track the book and both the book and the blog are intended to explain how the law works and what you need to do to protect and preserve your rights.

Desktop General Counsel will hopefully help to steer your company away from legal problems, or at least get you prepared to navigate through them until you get an attorney on board. You may even learn some pidgin legalese.

Check out the website for the book at  

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